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A manufacturer and supplier of unparalleled projected capacitive touch screen and kiosks, bringing touch screen solutions to life, improving operational effectiveness, customer experience, as well as people’s living satisfaction.

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TouchWo cooperates with well-known brands, bringing impactful touch screen and kiosk solutions.

Get Inspired By Smart Touch Screen Products

A wide range of touch screen products for selection. Customize specific details to suit your needs.

Touch Sreen Monitor

Rugged aluminum alloy housing, high resolution display, suitable for versatile industries.

Open Frame Monitor

Embedded Monitor

Touch Sreen PC

Android, Linux and windows OS for your choice. Light and durable all-in-one touch screen PCs.

Open Frame PC

Touch Android PC

Touch Windows/Linux PC


Self-service kiosk for everything. Select sizes from 5″ to 65″ , as well as any custom size. Flexible installation patterns, such as floor standing and wall mounting.

Standing Kiosk

Wall-mounted Kiosk

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    Start Touch Screen & Kiosk Projects

    Are you seeking touch screens and kiosks custom-made to fit your needs? Have you found a solution among our products? Either way, TouchWo can help!

    In-stock standard models ready to ship

    Through the utilization of our readily available standard models, we possess the capability to dispatch merchandise within a span of 2-5 days, catering to the specific needs and quantities of your projects.

    In-depth customization to suit various industries

    We possess a remarkable proficiency in serving the needs of versatile applications. We deliver custom goods within a timeframe spanning approximately two weeks or 2 months.

    455 days, 100% responsive warranty & support

    From comprehensive installation guides to meticulous troubleshooting, we are committed to ensuring a seamless experience for you.

    How do we grow your business?
    Touch screen products provide prompt service, precise orders, empowering experiences and higher revenues.

    People-focus Experience

    Increased Efficiency & Profits

    Touch Screen & Kiosk Solutions for Various Markets

    TouchWo offers a wide range of practical and profitable solutions for clients from different industries.


    A comprehensive selection of medical-grade touchscreen products is available from TouchWo, encouraging effective doctor-patient communication.

    Industrial Automation & Security

    Interactive and purpose-built devices are needed in modern industrial places. TouchWo has developed rugged touch monitors and PCs for industrial use.

    Restaurant & Retail

    Practical touch screen solutions help modernize restaurant and retail businesses. Equip current digital touch screen & kiosk to boost productivity and profit.

    Government & Public Service

    TouchWo provides highly customized touch screen and kiosk solutions, including machines for public recycling and storage as well as government service halls.

    Ready to customize touch screen & kiosk for your own projects?

    Purpose-build Touch Screen Products for Your Projects

    Dedicated to every detail, TouchWo offers flexible customization to cater to your business.

    Custom Sizes Tailored to Your Need

    Basic size selection of touch screen products in TouchWo ranges from 5″ to 65″. Size adjustments can be made to specific customization in accordance with your actual needs and budget.

    Sleek Appearance Design with Logo

    Customize the housing color of your touch screen products, such as classic black and white. Design the housing and UI with your logo to market your brand image.

    Diverse Installations Cater to Your Demands

    Elevate and extend the usages of your touch screen products with functional peripherals. You can always  consult our experts for more custom-made peripherals.

    Peripherals Extend Usability

    Elevate and extend the usages of your touch screen products with functional peripherals. You can always consult our experts for more custom-made peripherals.

    Integration with Multiple OS Platforms

    A variety of operating system (OS) options to work seamlessly with your interactive display products, ensuring a smooth and reliable user experience. Our touch screen all-in-one solutions can run on various OS platforms such as Windows, Android, and Linux.

    In-house Touch Screen Production

    All manufacturing operations are carried out in-house, allowing for better and more direct quality control as well as quicker product assembly.  For core components, TouchWo cooperated with well-known brands such as AUO, BOE, Kingston, FORESEE, INNOLUX, and so on.

    There are three separate factories for metal parts, touch screens, and R&D. This results in reduced lead time and more precise problem shooting for our clients.

    10 Tests to Ensure Quality Before Ultimate Delivery

    TouchWo makes sure every touch screen our clients receive is qualified.

    Over 100,000 Successeful Solutions Since 2009

    Touchwo is committed to offering consumers all around the world cutting-edge, premium touch screen all-in-one solutions, which are widely seen in retail, healthcare, industrial automation, etc. We pride ourselves on years of experience and a strong commitment to client satisfaction.

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    In accordance with national touch screen production standards, TouchWo and its touch screen products have been certified by the constitutions below.

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