Government & Public Service Touch Screen & Kisok Solutions

TouchWo has engaged in working with governmental and public service projects. We offer highly custom touch screen and kiosk solutions, covering government service halls, public recycling and storing machine, etc.



Government & Public Service

Improve and Facilitate the Public

Serve citizens better with touch screen & kiosk products by TouchWo.
8 inch touch android pc for Government departments Information Display
21.5 inch touchscreen pc for Government Press Briefing Podium
21.5 inch touchscreen pc for Government Press Briefing Podium
21.5 inch customize for High Speed Rail Safety Inspections

Inform Visitors of the Latest News

Attract and impress visitors with a touchscreen display in the government lobby or inform the museum. TouchWo touch screens for you present a colorful LCD interface (up to 16.7M) with high brightness (up to 300cd/m2). Get your audience enlightened now.

Foster Satisfying Service Workplace

Touch screen monitor and PC used for queueing help to reduce the chance of congestion in the lobby. Citizens get to arrange their time esp. in rush hours, which lessens complaints and other hassles.

Convenient Self-service Boost Service Effectiveness

Wayfinding kiosks reduce traffic congestion and increase satisfaction in your place. Visitors can use wayfinding kiosks to quickly determine their position and get information and directions to important services, people, and more.

All-round Custom Options for Your Touch Screen & Kiosks Projects

Simple Custom Process for You to Start

Enlighten us on what you need for your projects

Develop proposals and feasibility analysis for your projects

Product designs and sample testing for your reference

Bulk production and delivery

Basic Customizations to Promote Your Brand Image

Material/Structure Design

Various Sizes

Flexible Installations

Rich Color Selections

Logo Branding

Tailor-made Package

Reliable Screen Performance You Can Enhance

Highlight Display

Wide Temperature Range



Viewing Angle

High Resolution

Multi Touch

IPS Screen


UV Protection

Wide Voltage

IP65 Water/Dust-proof

Purpose-build Your Touchscreen Products with Multiple Modules & Peripherals

4G Module


IC Module

ID Module


Fingerprint Reader


Gravity Sensor




Card Reader

Light Sensor

ID Card Reader


Swipe Card Reader