TouchWo provides all the necessary information and assistance you need to make an informed decision. In addition to the resources available, our experts are always ready to help with any problem.




Responsive & Responsible Warranty

Our warranty covers almost everything you need for your project and within 7 hours, responses are given to all inquiries.

Problem Shooting Consultation

Our engineers provide quick replies to any technical questions you have, including machine operation, installation guide, etc.

455 Days Free Spare Parts Replacement

With a strong commitment to warranty service, spare parts for faulty machines are supplied for free.

Optional Extended Warranty

Based on your budget and project needs, extend your warranty time for more service.

Touch Screen & Kiosk Catalogue

Touch Screen & Kiosk Catalogue

For fast glance, explore the PDF below to view our popular touch screen and kiosk catalogue for further info and specification.

Download SDK For Touch Screen Products

Welcome to our download tool. Click to download SDK for your touch screen and touch screen kiosks for practical use. Before getting access to the file, you may need to leave your contact info for archive. Your info is safe with us. Thanks for understanding!

Download SDK For Touch Screen Products

One-to-one Installation Guidance

In case you need any installation guidance, below are examples of installation guidance videos for your reference. Drop us a line if you need more assistance.

Destop Installation

Wall-mounting Installation

Frequently Asked Questions

TouchWo is a manufacturer in Guangzhou, China, and was accredited with the title of National High-tech Enterprise in 2017. You’re very welcome to visit our factory at your convenience.

TouchWo promises every penny you pay is worth it. All of the touch screen and kiosk products are made of built-to-last metal such as aluminum alloy. Besides, we guarantee every component is original and made with excellent craftsmanship, such as Kingston memory modules, Kingston SSDs, BOE / AUO / LG, and many more brands.

One is good. TouchWo welcomes small and bulk orders. Your business will be equally important to us.

Yes. You’re very welcome to consult our experts for any assistance.

TouchWo promises 15 months warranty. It can also be extended to 2 to 3 years based on your budget. Spare part replacement is included. Leave us a message if you meet any technical problems.

FedEx/DHL/UPS/EMS are accessible. By air, by sea, or by your shipping agent.