To reduce flaw rates and ensure overall quality, TouchWo develops R&D teams and strictly conducts 10 tests of our touch screen products.




Innovative R&D Center Back Up Your Business

Innovative R&D Center Back Up Your Business

ID design, housing structure design, hardware development and testing, software compatibility testing, etc. constitute the main sectors of TouchWo R&D Center. Investing 8% of annual sales revenue in R&D, TouchWo has now fostered and retained veteran R&D staff, accounting for 15% of our overall staff number.

TouchWo is now topping the industry, with appearance design, mold design and development, hardware development, and other technical development being recognized with Innovation Award and various patents.

10 Tests to Ensure Quality Before Ultimate Delivery

TouchWo makes sure every touch screen our clients receive is qualified.

Veteran Technicians Trained to Serve

To trobleshoot and offer practical solution for each touch screen product, saving time and improving efficiency for clients.

CTO, Chuanqi Huang

RF & EMC Test Debugging

The technical mastermind of Touchwo, who designs the first touch panel pc for TouchWo in 2014 and has been working for the electronics industry for over 10 years.

CTO, Zhihong Liu

Touch Screen Design

Chief Engineer of touch panel factory, excels at AG/ AF/ glove touch and custom service. Over 15 years working experience in PCAP industry. He used to work for leading touch-related companies such as Wintek/LITEON/YOUNG FAST.

Chief Designer, Xiaodong Yang

PC & Kiosk Structure Design

A lead structural designer who has been cooperating with TouchWo for 8 years, proficient in main touch screen products design. TouchWo’s products remain consistent in both exterior and interior design.

R&D Director, Daozhou Wu

Motherboard Debugging

Director Wu helps to make sure every device you buy runs smoothly. 6 years working in a motherboard factory as a technical engineer,  ensuring that you can enjoy fast and professional after-sales and problem-shooting service.


In accordance with national touch screen production standards, TouchWo and its touch screen products have been certified by the constitutions below.