Standing Kiosk

Standing touch screen kiosks are equipped with equipped with Android/Windows/Linux OS and peripherals can come with SDK. They display up-to-date ads and menus, purchase processing, and other information. This saves labor for more valuable use, which means better management and efficiency.



Standing Kiosk

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Adaptive Interface Ports for Versatile Usages

Using both Windows and Android operating systems, the standing kiosks are designed with different interface ports like DC, HD-MI, USB, LAN, TF/SD, Audio, RS232, RS485, etc.

Adaptive Interface Ports for Versatile Usages

Multiple Hardware Systems for Selection

Offering 3 operating systems (Windows,Linux and Android) and monitor/screen only version. You can make a choice based on your application and budget. Contact us for consultation in case you need insight on the best option.

androidRockchip Androidwindows linuxWindows/Linux
CPURK3568<RK3399<RK3588Intel Celeron(J1900/J4125/J6412/N5095) Intel Core (I3/I5/I7)
RAM2G, 4G, 8G4G, 8G,16G, 32G
SSD16G,32G, 64G,128G64G,128G, 256G, 512G
HDD/500G, 1TB
Pre-installed OSAndroid 11 for RK3568, Android 7/9 for RK3399, Android 12 for RK3588Windows 10 Enterprise without license by default Ubuntu/Debian options

Standing Kiosk Sizes Customized to Fit Your Business

A wide range of sizes (up to 65” and more) and shapes are available for selection, with and without peripherals. Send your customization details and ideas, and we will bring them to life.

All-in-one Multi-peripheral Kiosks

15.6" / 21.5" / 32" / 43"

Standing Kiosk Without Peripherals

32" / 43" / 55"

Custom Functional Peripherals to Elevate Your Kiosk

Depending on your business environment, industry, and budget, there are varieties of peripherals that can be integrated with the standing touch screen kiosks to enhance their functionality.

Thermal Printer

Basic version with maxium paper roll of 50mm. High-end version with maxim of paper roll of 80mm.

Barcode Scanner

Scan distance within 24-240mm. 1D & 2D codes are available.


Multiple pixels and multiple camera models are available.

RFID Card Reader

Read ID, IC, NFC, etc. Supported interfaces include USB, RS232, TTL, and more.

Fingerprint Sensor

Convenient peripheral for processing payment, identification, and more.


Entering card number, phone number, ID number, and more.

WIFI Antenna

Improve or amplify network conditions, enabling your kiosk machine to work all day.

4G LTE Module



Standard GPS for both Android and Windows all-in-one touch screen products.


More Peripherals

Contact TouchWo to view and customize more options for your touch screen products.

Keep Reminding Users of Your Brands on Kiosks

Printing your brand logo on the standing kiosk creates a unique brand image that belongs only to you. A sleek and personalized logo print also creates business awareness and improves customers’ loyalty.







Customized Standing Kiosk
Customized Standing Kiosk

Dedicated to Every Detail to Enhance Kiosk Security

TouchWo is a professional standing kiosk manufacturer that cares about detailed designs. We offer various services to help our clients’ businesses run smoothly, resulting in a hassle-free experience.

Keyhole in the Back

Features a keyhole design in the back that allows for regular checking and enhances the safety of the interior design.

Anti-pulling Design

Features an anti-pulling design for indoor and outdoor usage, contributing to 24/7 uninterrupted operation.

Leakage Protection Button

Features an insulating material to help with avoiding electricity leakage and ensure end users’ safety.

Create for Everyday Applications

Touch screen kiosks offer numerous benefits for everyday applications, such as increased efficiency, improved customer experience, and cost savings by allowing customers to self-serve without employees’ assistance.