Touch Screen PC

TouchWo produces rugged tablet PC ODM and rugged tablet PC OEM all-in-one machines that are compatible with Android, Linux and Windows system. They have very sensitive touch with high definition and focus on processing from easy to complex tasks, especially in demanding working environment.



Touch Screen PC

Explore All-in-one Touch Screen PC

Discover the versatility of our All-in-one Touch Screen PCs. Our product range includes open frame PCs, touch Android PCs, and touch Windows/Linux PCs.

Multiple OS to Fit in with Your Business

The touch screen PCs are designed to be compatible with Android, Linux and Windows operating systems. Your touch screen PCs can be customized with any of the operating systems depending on your application and budget. Reach out to us for consultation on the best option in case you need guidance.

androidRockchip Androidwindows linuxWindows/Linux
CPURK3568<RK3399<RK3588Intel Celeron(J1900/J4125/J6412/N5095) Intel Core (I3/I5/I7)
RAM2G, 4G, 8G4G, 8G,16G, 32G
SSD16G,32G, 64G,128G64G,128G, 256G, 512G
HDD/500G, 1TB
Pre-installed OSAndroid 11 for RK3568, Android 7/9 for RK3399, Android 12 for RK3588Windows 10 Enterprise without license by default Ubuntu/Debian options

Adaptive Interface Ports for Versatile Usages

We design different interface ports to support the Windows and Android operating systems. This ensures a smooth and clear transmission of information to the LCD screen.

windows jpg
android jpg

Various Size Selection

There is a variety of touch screen PC sizes for selection. Each size is customized to offer high-definition and quick responsiveness. You can also customize them according to your business space, budget, etc.

8'' / 10.1'' / 10.4'' / 22'' / 32''

Multi-touch Screen Made to Serve for 24/7 Stably

● Manufactured with good electric conductivity and usable by workers with gloves on. Touch, zoom out, enlarge, drag, whirling, etc. are at your disposal.

● Suitable for use in different workplaces, including those with strict working requirements.

10 Point Touch Technology
10 Point Touch Technology
Rugged Industrial Touch PC
Rugged Industrial Touch PC

Rugged Enclosure Design & High IP

● Made with aluminum alloy enclosures and IP65 grade seal to ensure anti-dropping, resistance to rust, and durability.

● Manufactured with Mohs 7 explosion-proof screen for a safe and hassle free operation.

All-round Custom Options for Your Touch Screen & Kiosks Projects

Simple Custom Process for You to Start

Enlighten us on what you need for your projects

Develop proposals and feasibility analysis for your projects

Product designs and sample testing for your reference

Bulk production and delivery

Basic Customizations to Promote Your Brand Image

Material/Structure Design

Various Sizes

Flexible Installations

Rich Color Selections

Logo Branding

Tailor-made Package

Reliable Screen Performance You Can Enhance

Highlight Display

Wide Temperature Range



Viewing Angle

High Resolution

Multi Touch

IPS Screen


UV Protection

Wide Voltage

IP65 Water/Dust-proof

Purpose-build Your Touchscreen Products with Multiple Modules & Peripherals

4G Module


IC Module

ID Module


Fingerprint Reader


Gravity Sensor




Card Reader

Light Sensor

ID Card Reader


Swipe Card Reader

As Seen in Diverse Industries

TouchWo enhances cost effectiveness while delivering a more smooth experience for intelligent interactions.

Access Security

Access Security

Automation Line Data Monitoring

Automation Line Data Monitoring

Automation Line PC Control

Automation Line PC Control

Automation Process Control

Automation Process Control

Fixed Touch Screen Control

Fixed Touch Screen Control

Informative PC Display

Informative PC Display